USB interface For Continuos Wave

USBIF4CW is CW interface for Amateur radio via USB ports. USBIF4CW works as an electric keyer by paddle connection or a touch coder(if you use software).USBIF4CW need not the external power source. USBIF4CW is suitable for your outdoor communications because today's small notebook PC has USB port.

Main Features

  • CW keying
  • FSK keying
  • PTT control
  • Electric Keyer by paddle connection

How to use the USBIF4CW

First, you connect PC's USB port and USBIF4CW's USB connector by using attached USB cable. Only connected, USBIF4CW is detected by PC. RIG and paddle are properly connected to Key, PTT and paddle connector of USBIF4CW.
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Correspondence Software and Downloads

  • MMTTY : RTTY software by JE3HHT
    You need EXTFSK.DLL that USBIF4CW only.
  • MMSSTV : SSTV software(only PTT control) by JE3HHT
    You need EXTFSK.DLL that USBIF4CW only.
  • Usb-Keyer : CW touchcoder for Windows(98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP) by JG5CBR
  • EzLog : Contest logging software(trial production?) by JG5CBR
  • zLog for Windows : Contest logging software by JJ1MED/AD6AJ

Order Guidance

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RTTY or SSTV or other software -> MM Hamsoft
Contest logging software that runs on Windows -> zLog for Windows.
If you have any questions or submissions regarding this report and bug reports,
send them to

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